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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Student's Reflection of Post Doc. Boot Camp:

Antiño R. Allen, Ph.D.-

I attended the UCSF-AGEP Post doc Boot Camp in September 2008. The information I received during the two day event was very helpful. We discussed issues ranging from the different types of postdocs that exist to negotiating a post doc salary. The most informative section for me focused on communicating clearly with potential mentors and how to evaluate a potential postdoctoral position. Some of the postdocs in the discussion groups placed paramount importance on the prestige of the principal investigator while others emphasized mentoring ability. I had a wonderful experience interacting the faculty and program director. In addition, I was extremely impressed with the training provided for the postdoctoral scholars UCSF. I am currently a ISIS postdoctoral scholar working under mentor Dr. John Fike at UCSF’s Brain and Spinal Injury Center (Department of Neurological Surgery). My research focuses on evaluating the effects of combined irradiation and traumatic brain injury Neurogenesis and Cognitive Function. In addition, I am examining whether the adverse effects of radiation combined injury can be reduced using an inhibitor of polyamine biosynthesis.