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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 2011 GLASS Conference in Chicago, IL

The Great Lakes Alliance for Social and Behavioral Sciences (GLASS) held their annual graduate student research conference April 22, 2011. Indiana University had six students selected to present their original research, there students were: Christine Davis, Eric Grollman, Caralee Jones, Chantalle LaFontant, Alexander Lu, and Gabriel Serna (no pictured). This conference is designed to give graduate students in SBES (social and behavioral sciences) an opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from their peers and faculty from the seven universities that comprise the GLASS Alliance.

Christine Davis, Counseling and Educational Psychology, presented on her research titled, "Moderating Effects of temperament on the Relations between Religious Education and Religiosity at Grade Six and Age Fifteen". Her conclusion confirms her hypothesis that there is a moderating role of difficult temperament on the relation between religious education and religiosity.

Eric Grollman, Sociology, presented his research on, "The Effects of Multiple Forms of Perceived Discrimination on Health among Adolescents and Young Adults." He investigates whether the relationship between perceived discrimination and health varies by the number and type of discrimination.

Caralee Jones's, African American and African Diaspora Studies, research is focused on the, "Interpersonal Relationships among Africans, African Americans, and West Indians. She explores the factors that help or hinder the interpersonal relationships among these groups.

Chantalle LaFontant's, Public Affairs, research is tilted, "Path Dependencies: Haiti's Unconsidered Obstacle". She looks at the factors in the "Haiti situation" that seem intractable using path dependency theory.

Alexander Lu, Sociology, explores discrimination and immigrant laws. His research is titled, "Intersections of Discrimination in Immigration Law: Narrating Chinese Women's Experiences during the Chinese Exclusion Era".

Gabriel Serna, Education, looks at the relationship between tax and expenditure limitations and tuition prices. Her research is titled, "Foundations for an Empirical Analysis of TELs and Public University Tuition Prices".