Indiana University is made up of eight campuses statewide. Most offer several graduate degrees and all together support around 17,000 graduate students. Our flagship campus is in picturesque Bloomington, Indiana. Our medical school and many other graduate degrees are housed at our city campus, Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Getting You Into IU" 2010 Event:

GU2IU is a pre-application campus visit for underrepresented minority students, underwritten by the President’s Diversity Initiative and coordinated by The University Graduate School.  Using the IU AGEP recruitment model, funded by the National Science Foundation, the University Graduate School identifies programs that prepare underrepresented students for doctoral studies.  Prospective applicants are invited to apply to the pre-application, fully-funded, early fall campus visit. This year's event took place October 10th-12th, and hosted 21 students.
Here are some comments from this year’s visiting participants:
“The faculty and staff were great. Everyone was prepared to talk with me, was eager to share their part of IU and truly loved what they were doing. Their enthusiasm was infectious! After visiting it is hard to imagine going anywhere else!”
“Networking with a wide variety was faculty members were not only informative, but fun. It was good to learn about their diverse backgrounds and research interests.”

“Certain participants at the university met with us more than once, which highlighted everyone's commitment to welcoming us during the visit and in the future.”

“I was impressed with the beauty of the campus and the willingness the faculty members had to meet with me despite their busy schedules.”