Indiana University is made up of eight campuses statewide. Most offer several graduate degrees and all together support around 17,000 graduate students. Our flagship campus is in picturesque Bloomington, Indiana. Our medical school and many other graduate degrees are housed at our city campus, Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Friday, May 14, 2010

IUB AGEP Student Profiles on National Website

Six Indiana University Bloomington AGEP students are being highlighted on the:

National AGEP website: http://www.agep.us/profiles.asp
and the Midwest Crossroads AGEP website: http://www.indiana.edu/~grdschl/agep/profiles.php.

These students represent diverse academic interests and personal backgrounds. Highlighted students in the STEM disciplines are: Adrian Land, Biology, Windsor Tanner, Physics, and Verleen McSween, Vision and Science, and students in the SBES disciplines are: Chantalle LaFontant, Public Affairs, Melissa Quintela, Sociology, and Erikka Vaughan, Psychology.

Click on the links provided to read about each student’s background and academic research.