Indiana University is made up of eight campuses statewide. Most offer several graduate degrees and all together support around 17,000 graduate students. Our flagship campus is in picturesque Bloomington, Indiana. Our medical school and many other graduate degrees are housed at our city campus, Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Friday, February 12, 2010

GLASS AGEP Professional Development Conference in Chicago

This past weekend (February 4th-7th) Dr. Yolanda Trevino with IU and IUPUI AGEP took 6 graduate students to Chicago for 3 days to participate in the Great Lakes Alliance for the Social, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences (GLASS) Professional Development conference. This conference hosted students from IU, IUPUI, Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, and Temple University; with over 100 students in attendance. The topic for the weekend was "Tools of the Trade", with a purpose of helping graduate students learn the tools they need to succeed in graduate school and academia. Overall this opportunity was a fun and resourceful networking and development experience for the students.

In this picture are 5 of the 6 representatives from IU and IUPUI at the conference.